Cherry Capsules for Physical and Mental Health


The cherry is a fruit to be preferred in summer because it is juicier and more delicious. But beyond this aspect, the cherry contains multiple nutrients. It is suitable for fighting insomnia, but also against free radicals. By consuming a few cherries, it won’t be easy for you to enjoy this fruitfully. This is why we offer you Montmorency cherry extract capsules.

Composition of Montmorency cherry capsules

Your cherry capsules are made up of the following nutrients:


These are antioxidants that give fruits and vegetables their red colour. After the transformations undergone in the digestive system, they are found in the plasma to act positively on the blood circulation and in the activity of neurotransmitters.


They exert a toxic action on cancer cells in the body. They also make the free radicals present in the body inactive. This indirectly protects from the harmful effects of free radicals. The action of flavonoids is enhanced when they work together with minerals, vitamins and other nutrients in the body. Hence the interest in varying your diet.

The minerals

Cherry capsules are rich in minerals. These are magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, chlorine, iron. Minerals are involved in the formation and protection of bones (calcium). They also work in the reduction of blood glucose (magnesium).

In general, minerals are involved in the protection of the immune system and in the synthesis of the nutrients we consume.

Vitamins A, B, C and E

Vitamins A protects your vision. They are also involved in the constitution, protection and smoothness of the skin.

Vitamin B compounds play several essential roles in the body.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that inhibits free radicals in the body. This vitamin protects your body from infections.

Dietary fibre

The fibres of the cherry are more concentrated at the level of its fine peel. Fibres are a bit like the skeleton of plants.

They are processed in the small intestine and undergo fermentation in the colon. They play an essential role in the balance of the organism.

Laxative properties

Sorbitol (watermarks) in cherries has a laxative effect. It increases the amount of stool and softens it. This promotes their evacuation and the regulation of the digestive system.

In addition, the fibres contained in the cherry are processed in the intestine and colon. They promote the elimination of waste through the stool by making the latter porous. They line the walls of the intestine and colon to protect them from attack.

A high-fibre diet protects you from colon-related illnesses such as colon cancer or inflammation.

Purifying and diuretic properties


The role of haemoglobin (a major element of the red blood cell) is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the blood and organs of the body. It also has the role of cleaning the organs of carbon dioxide produced by the activities of the body.

The body needs iron in the production of blood. Cherries are a significant source in the constitution of blood, particularly hemoglobin. Besides, its colour reminds us of that of blood. Doctors advise people with anaemia to consume cherry capsules.

In the prevention of diuresis

The term diuresis relates to the production of urine by the body, whether in terms of quality or quantity. Kidney stones can affect the normal production of urine.

Diuretic drugs will then be prescribed to the patient to allow him to urinate and thus release toxins in the body.

Cherry is a diuretic, a depurative. It facilitates diuresis. It also makes it possible to unclog obstructed conduits limiting the possibility of urinating.

The consumption of cherry in case of renal insufficiency makes it possible not only to eliminate by the urine the residues of toxins coming from the drugs given to the patient (detoxification) but to favour a larger quantity of urine.

In the prevention of cystitis

Cystitis is also an inflammation of the urinary tract. It generally affects women. It is an inflammation of the bladder due to the proliferation of intestinal bacteria in the bladder. This causes urine retention because the bladder cannot properly pass urine.

To prevent cystitis, it is vital to have a healthy lifestyle, to drink lots of water and especially to consume foods having diuretic functions like cherries.

In the fight against gout

The Greeks used cherry for the treatment of gout. Gout is a disease caused by eating a diet high in fat (meat). The kidneys and liver have long-term difficulties in purifying the body of residues from these overly fatty foods. Gout is inflammatory and affects the kidneys. To facilitate the evacuation of urine and strengthen the renal and hepatic functions, make a detox cure based on cherry capsules

Cardiovascular illnesses

Who says antioxidant speaks of the protection of the cardiovascular system. The cherry thanks to the polyphenols (phenolic/antioxidant processes) that it possesses, traps free radicals in the blood. 

In the large intestine, these antioxidants are transformed into protocatechuic acid.

After their treatment in the large intestine, they are found in the blood plasma in the form of methylated. Their activity in the blood plasma is approximately 24 hours. Their presence in the plasma is approximately 2-3 hours after their consumption.

The function of the endothelium is to hold the blood inside the blood vessels. It also regulates blood clotting and promotes nutrient exchange inside the blood vessels.

The role of anthocyanins in blood plasma is to support and improve endothelial activity by influencing nitric oxide (an essential neurotransmitter in humans and mammals in general).

By supporting the activity of the blood system, the anthocyanin contained in the cherry improves the cardiovascular system.


Now is the time to enjoy the benefits of Montmorency cherry capsules. Try our cherry supplements to satisfy your palate, sleep peacefully or relieve inflammation.

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