Loyalty Points

A Loyalty Scheme That Rewards You For Recommending Friends And Pays Back On Every Pound You Spend.
Now it is possible to get even more from your shopping experience with Prowise Healthcare Loyalty points.
Earn points every time you shop with us and every time you recommend a friend to shop online with us, it is as simple as that.

How Do I Activate My Prowise Healthcare Loyalty Points?

  • You don’t need to do anything to activate your points, they will be automatically added for you every time you shop with Prowise Healthcare online or use your unique referral code to recommend a friend.

How Do I Get More Prowise Healthcare Loyalty Points?

  • There are two ways to earn Prowise Healthcare Loyalty Points:
  • Shopping Points – every time you spend online with Prowise Healthcare you will receive 1 point to every £1. Each point is worth 5p effectively meaning we give you 5% back on every purchase you make
  • Referral Points – Using your unique Prowise Healthcare Referral Code you can recommend a new customer to Prowise Healthcare and receive points once they

About The Different Reward Points

  • Prowise Healthcare will give you 1 point for every £1 you spend on products across our site and 2 points for each £1 your friends who shop with us spend using your unique referral code.

How Much Do I Get Back For My Prowise Healthcare Loyalty Points?

  • 1 point is equal to 1p in GBP. So 500 points = £25

8 Ways To Share The Love And Get More Points:

  • Facebook– Tell your Facebook friends about the 10% loyalty code you have for them by pasting it in a status update. If there is a specific product you want to tell them about then just click the Facebook ‘like’ button on the product page and leave a message with your code.  
  • Twitter – send a tweet out with your loyalty code. Again if you want to refer to a specific product then you can do it from the Twitter button on the product page. 
  • Instagram – Send a message through your Instagram account to all your followers and once the referral code has been used you will be rewarded every time there is a new registration. 
  • Email – Email your friends. Again you can do this from a product page using the ‘share this’ button. 
  • Text – send a little text out with details of your loyalty code. So many people have smartphones these days most of them will probably be able to go directly to the site from their phone. 
  • Work Colleagues – if you can think of anyone at work or have access to an internal bulletin board then it’s a perfect place to share. If you have a business or often visit other businesses you may have customers, suppliers, or associates who may be interested. 
  • Blogs and Forums – if there are any online blogs or forums you frequent online then they are a great place to post your code. Once you have posted it in a few places people will still be able to find it for months and years to come. 
  • Hobbies – are you a member of any clubs, societies, or a gym? 
  • People – much of our communication these days is made through technology but the best form of communication is in person. Whether you’re in the pub, playing netball, or talking to other parents on the schoolyard there are plenty of opportunities to share the love.  

How Do I Spend My Prowise Healthcare Loyalty Points?

  • Your Prowise Healthcare Loyalty Points can be spent on any purchase from our website, whenever you would like to redeem them.

How Do I Check How Many Prowise Healthcare Loyalty Points I Currently Have?

  • Your loyalty points will appear on your account page when you log into your account.