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When you have a dog, you will want to ensure that they are well cared for and kept in the best health. To do that you will need to think about a range of things including the food you give them, the exercise they have and also any supplements that can help them to stay healthy.
Joint care is one of the most important parts of keeping your dog in great health and Prowise Dog Joint Complex can support this goal. Find out more about the importance of pet probiotics

dog health

Why Does Your Dog Need Joint Care?

Keeping your dog’s joints healthy is important to their happiness and mobility. As dog ages, their body stops producing the level of proteins that they need to keep their joints strong and puts them at risk of injury and pain. By providing them with joint care, you are giving your dog the best chance at leading a happy and healthy life.

When a dog’s joints are not properly cared for then they run the risk of developing problems such as arthritis, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia and others. Why run the risk of your dog getting one or more of these conditions when you can provide them with joint care to stop them?

dog health

The Importance of Pet Probiotics

Pet probiotics have grown in popularity in recent years because they help to produce byproducts that keep your dog healthy and happy. Probiotics are given to dogs to help them fight different kinds of infections and to give them increased immunity. They consist of friendly bacteria which can aid in creating a healthy biome in your dog’s system.

Administered orally, pet probiotics are an excellent way to promote excellent digestive health in your dog. They can bring relief to a number of related conditions such as if they suffer from gas, inconsistent pooping, poop that is either too liquid or has mucus in it.

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Happy Tummies and Joints Makes Happy Dogs

When you include probiotics in a dog’s diet, you are introducing an increased level of good gut bacteria that will help your dog tackle any issues that may otherwise cause them problems. From gut health to joint care, they really do offer a complete solution that will help your dog.

If your dog is a senior who struggles with joint pain, arthritis or other joint conditions then adding in a probiotic can even help reduce the impact of the illness they are struggling with. Add a probiotic to your dog’s diet and be amazed at the difference it makes.

Why Prowise Dog Joint and Pet Probiotics

When you are ready to invest in the best probiotic care for your dog then Prowise is here for you. As a market leader for pet healthcare, we have the best probiotic and Joints care options that have been designed specifically for dogs.

We only ever use branded ingredients in our supplements so that you can be certain that your dog is getting access to the best solution for their joint needs. Invest in our probiotics and Joint Care and be amazed at the difference it makes to your dog’s joints and Tummy!

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